Pirate  King Sword

Pirates of Penzance

Western Washington University 2011

Scenic Designer: J Wiese

Prop Master: Liz Hastings

  • Steampunk high concept

  • Built out of an assortment of parts including part of a motorcycle, a bicycle, and a projector.

  • Blades made out of flat steel

  • Both sword made with motorcycle handle hilts

  • Pirate King Sword had to have holes bored into it to lighten up the weight.

  • Pirate King Sword had EL wire attached to the edge so it lit up. 

Branding Iron

9 to 5

Stages St. Louis 2017

Scenic Designer: James Wolk 

Prop Master: Rai Feltman

  • Had to base the brand off of an embroidery from the costume shop.

  • Made out of a steel dowel, flat steel, and steel pipe. Welded together with a MIG welder. 

  • Cleaned up with a dremel and a grinder

  • Spray painted over top to "look hot". 

Nature Sword Hilt

Steel Class

Ohio University 2016

Professor: Tom Fiocchi

  • Only the hilt, blade and handle made by a different artisan. 

  • Steel rods welded together and heated to a bend.

  • Twisted rod made by welding ends together and heated to twist around each other. 

  • Grinded, dremeled, and filled down. And then polished on a wheel.

Steve's Desk

Welding Class

Ohio University 2016

Professor: Dan Denahart

  • Side arches heated and hand bent to a jig.

  • Sides put in a jig and welded with a combination of MIG and Stick welds. 

  • Grinded down, dremeled in the tight places, and then polished with a flap wheel. 

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