Upholstery & Soft Goods

Tufted Chaise

Murder for Two

Merry Go Round Theatre Festival

Scenic Designer: Czerton Lim

Prop Master: Courtney Alberto

  • Built from scratch (legs out of poplar, frame out of pine)

  • Buttons were hand covered

  • Seat covered with 4" foam

  • Back/arm covered with upholstery foam and some memory foam to supplement

  • Fabric was vinyl

  • Seat and back/arm hand tufted


Ladies Man

Ohio University 2017

Scenic Designer: Erin Hemming

Prop Master: Jose Nunez

  • See build on Furniture page.

  • Upholstered each wedge individually with 4" of upholstery foam

  • Cut out sections of middle to light up the weight

  • Stapled webbing to the edges and glued batting over top. 

  • Top is a round piece of ply, covered in batting and fabric

  • Each edge covered over with gold rope trim.

Board's Choice Ezekiel Award

Scenic Technology

2017 USITT Ohio Valley Section

Elle's Chair

Legally Blonde

Stages St. Louis 2013

Scenic Designer: James Wolk

Prop Master: Sarah Harris

  • Had to remove old upholstery, scrape off old paint, and re-finish the chair. 

  • Padded with 3" of upholstery foam on seat and a good layer on back.

  • Edges covered in a pink metallic rope trim.


Skin of Our Teeth

Ohio University 2018

Scenic Designer: Vince Salpietro

Prop Master: Liz Hastings

  • Needed to be repaired on the right arm, reinforced with metal and doweling

  • Complete stripping of old fabric and cording

  • Created new cording and tufted each section

  • New fabric was a teal vinyl

Leather T-Rex Purse

Costume Crafts Class

Ohio University 2016

Professor: Joanna Koefed

  • Made from vegetan leather

  • Stained with FEV instead of a straight leather dye for a weathered look

  • Interior has a zippered fabric pocket sewn in

  • Conditioned with bee's wax

Blacksmith Bear

Costume Crafts Class

Ohio University 2016

Professor: Joanna Koefed

  • Distressing Project

  • Bear's clothes are made out of an old leather welding glove

  • Feet have parts of burnt leather welding gloves

  • Base made out of 3/4" ply and bendy ply

  • Face is burned partially with wood burner and sewed together with leather lacing

  • Dragged through the welding area for "authenticity" and metal dust.

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