Sculpture & Carving

Squid Archer

Hand Pros Class

Ohio University 2016

Professsor: Tom Fiocchi

  • Designed and drew out Squid

  • Glued up blue foam 

  • Run through a band saw to get close to the shape needed and then carved.

  • Helmet and eyelids are made from thin microcell foam.

  • Hand to remove limbs and reattach them. Several limbs have dowels and plumbing snakes in the interior for rigidity.

  • Bow is made from poplar and tie line. Arrow tails are made from cardstock. 


The Dryad: An Appalachian Tale

Barter Theatre 2014

Scenic Designer: Derek Smith

Prop Master: Helen Stratakes

  • Interior base of plywood and 2x4

  • Chicken wire over top for shape

  • Muslin mache over top of that

  • Batting dipped in glue, paint, and water for a bark texture

Top Girls Foods

Top Girls

Ohio University 2017

Scenic Designer: Jacob Brown

Prop Master: Erin Brandt

  • Apple Pie: Apples are made from a carved upholstery foam, coated in dyed gel candle. Crust is oven-baked clay and painted. Whipped cream is made from silicone caulk. 

  • Cake: Made from upholstery foam. Center and topping from a mix of silicone and dyed gel candle.

  • Stew: Vegetables are made from carved and painted styrofoam. Broth is made from dyed gel candle with yellow acrylic paint bits mix in. 

  • Chicken: Made from upholstery foam covered in latex paint, painted with acrylic. Sauce made from gel candle.

K2S0 Lamp

Props/Crafts Class

Ohio University 2017

Professor: Tom Fiocchi

  • Base made out of plywood

  • Neck made from PVC pipe with part of  sink drain. 

  • Head made from a fiberglass shell and embellished with pieces of wood, foam, and metal. 

  • Lamp base fits into PVC pipe. 

  • Coated whole thing in Epoxy Resin, which unfortunately did not cure properly

Christmas Ham

The Miracle Worker

Barter Theatre 2014

Scenic Designer: Derek Smith

Prop Master: Helen Stratakes

  • Made from upholstery foam carved with an electric turkey carver

  • Coated in latex paint and then painted with acrylic

Dumpster Food

The Aristocats

Stages St. Louis 2015

Scenic Designer: James Wolk

Prop Master: Rai Feltman

  • Turkey leg carved from upholstery foam, coated with 77 spray, and spray painted over top

  • Bread made from styrofoam, carved and coated in JC, glue, and water mixture. Painted with acrylic. 

  • Both made to look like it's from a dumpster

Pumpkin Bros

Haunted Daze & Spooky Knights

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire 2013

  • Bases made out of plywood and 2x4 pine.

  • Heads carved from Styrofoam 

  • Hands made from bent PVC (used a PVC Bend-it)

  • Coated in glue and water dipped strips or burlap and then painted. 

Grim  Reaper

Haunted Daze & Spooky Knights

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire 2013

  • Base of 2x4 and PVC (for arms) on plywood

  • Dipped burlap in glue, paint, and water and draped over frame. Hood had a chicken wire base underneath. 

  • Wings made from PVC and steel rod, wrapped in cheesecloth. Hands also made from steel rod and wrapped in cheesecloth. 

  • Scythe made from PVC pipe, with a wood blade

  • Painted all over and then weathered

Giant Pumpkin

Haunted Daze & Spooky Knights

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire 2013

  • Base is made from steel rod welded together

  • Panels are burlap cut to pattern then dipped in a glue/water/paint mixture and hand sewn onto the rods. 

  • Some of the sewing took place outside in a torrential downpour due to the pumpkin being too large to fit indoors. 

Giant Scissors

Cinderella Jr.

Stages St. Louis 2013

Scenic Designer: James Wolk

Prop Master: Eric Klingbeil

  • Carved out of Sugar Pine

  • Using a Holy Galahad grinder attachment

  • Bolted through the center. 

  • Painted and sealed with poly.

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