Dragon Puppet

Independent Study

Ohio University 2017

Professor: Joanna Koefed

  • Originally carved head from Styfofoam

  • Formed Veraform over the top in pieces patterned like fabric

  • Interior of mouth made from Wonderflex heated over a carved form

  • Horns made from Styrofoam covered in paper mache. Worbla used to attach horns to veraform.

  • 1/2" ply sandwiched over back of head veraform and hinged. 

  • Neck made from circles of 1/2" ply. Aircraft cable running through at four points for control (top, bottom, both sides). Fishing line run through fabric grommeted sections for opening and closing mouth

  • Plumbing snake run through center for a haze line. Surgical tubing in head run from haze line to nostrils. 

  • EL wire runs up on fabric grommeted  section to line the eyes with purple. 

Demo Videos

Maned Wolf Puppet

Hand Props Class

Ohio University 2017

Professor: Tom Fiocchi

  • Body made out of section of 1/2" plywood

  • Dowels running through each joint.

  • Ribs are made from rittan, tied in with sinew

  • Neck is made with practive golf balls and bungee cord

  • Ears are a vegetan leather

  • Head is carved from bass wood with a dremel.

  • Controls on the back for sitting up and laying down, head for head movement, and each front paw.

Demo Video

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