Scenic Carpentry

Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Summer 2012

Scenic Construction & Design Intern

Process Photos
Shows Pictured
Comedy of Errors (2012)
The Liar (2012)
Measure for Measure (2012)
Apprentice Show:
Midsummer's Night Dream (2012)


Western Washington University (2009 - 2013)

Crafts Lab Assistant, Senior Carpenter, Staff Carpenter

Show Pictured
Some Girls (2012)
  • Set in a rotated, scrim-walled hotel room that rotated 360 + 90 degrees between each scene change. 

Scenic Painting

Henry VI, Part III  Shakespeare of New Jersey Apprentice Show

I co-scenic designed for this apprentice show with Joel Behrman, a fellow Scenic Design & Construction Intern. I also acted as Scenic Charge.

Design Elevations


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