Personal Projects

These are projects made outside of Theatre, either for myself, friends, or family. 

Erica's American Girl Doll Bed

   I was comissioned by a friend to make an American Girl Doll Bed for her daughter's birthday since the ones you can buy from the site are very pricey. 
   The headboard and footboard are made of MDF, the rest out of pine. I also upholstered a mattress for her, two little pillows and a blanket. 

Daryl Dixon Replica Crossbow from The Walking Dead

   I went as Daryl Dixon for Halloween this year on a whim and created this replica of his Season 1 crossbow (a Horton Scout HD 125) in a day. The bow itself isn't an 100% replica due to my limited amount of time (it is usually shaped on the ends and has pulleys on either side). It is non-functioning.

   It is carved out of a 2x8 that was going to be thrown away due to it's warping and cracking. Indents have been routed into the sides and it's carved to mimic the original. 

Captain America Shield

   This is in an In-Progress project that I'm doing for fun. 

   I found a tutorial for turning a steel sled into a Captain America shield and have started my own as a result. Right now it's passed Step 1 (Strip all the paint off it) and is on Step 2 (Sand down to a nice finish).

 Spun steel lines have been added, soon to be finished. 

Painted & Transferred Postcards

  Post cards I've made for myself and friends on 1/4" gorgeous birch luan. 

Chicken Avengers

  Tiny wind-up Chicken Avengers I make with the help of the lovely and talented Megan Pressley. Most of these were made turning my tenure at Barter Theatre as their Prop Journeyman. 

Currently we have these chickens finished: Chicken Widow, The Winter Chicken, Cap-chick America, Agent Chick-son, Chicken Hulk, Chicken Groot, and Bunny Fury. 

Chicken Iron Man & Chicken Falcon are in Progress

Four Person Terror Bike

   Made from Bike Parts with some friends for a Scavenger hunt. It was as terrifying to ride as it looks. 

Heckin' Cool Business Cards

  • 2015 - Pine Wood, Ink Jet Transfer, Spray Lacquer Coating

  • 2016 - Model Board, Water-based Stamp, Chalk Stamp Edge, Veneer Back, Spray Lacquer Coating

  • 2017 - Aluminum & Steel, Toner Heat Transfer, Spray Lacquer Coating

  • 2018 - Plexi/Acrylic, Printed Clear/Frosted Sticker, Spray Clear Coat

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